Batty Card Game

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  • Batty is a Logic Card Game

    Batty is basically a competitive version of the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle. Players each get three cards (A, B, and C) to place stacks on and then try to get a given set of numbered cards arranged in one stack in descending numerical order; the cards are moved from stack to stack with the players forbidden to place a card on a card with a lower number.

    Players start with three cards, then proceed to four the next round, etc., up to a maximum of fourteen (the number of cards provided per player). All except the highest-numbered card in each round are shuffled, which is the only difference from the usual Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

    • Batty has educational value. Besides teaching or strengthening reasoning skills in a fun and innovative way, Batty reinforces the notion that choices have consequences, that one wrong move can affect future outcomes.


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