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The purpose of this website is to offer you one of the largest online offerings of magic and find magic resources in your community in Iowa.

Our online store offers more than 15,000 magic products with new products added daily!

Growing up I found that even in little old Iowa there was a lot of magic going on and that is even more true today. Iowa has been home to some VERY famous magicians. There are also some very active magic clubs that meet on a monthly basis, a real “brick and mortar” magic store and magicians to hire for events!

Iowa is even home to the Midwest’s Premier Magic Convention – AbraCORNdabra. If you have never been to one, you may be thinking “a MAGIC convention?” All over the country magicians gather for a day, weekend or even more to meet other magicians, network and learn from some of the great masters in the magic community.

Most conventions also have a Dealer Room where there are opportunities to spend your hard earned money on magic supplies, tricks and apparatus. Conventions tend to be ripe breading ground for creativity. Two of the largest conventions in the country are associated with the IBM and SAM. See magic organizations. Blackpool, England is home to one of the largest magic conventions in the world.

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Here is the view from the balcony looking down on the main dealer floor at the Blackpool Magic Convention. ...

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Cheers! We in Blackpool, England at the world's largest magic convention. We have some new releases that we are excited to be bringing back for YOU!

This is just ONE of the dealer rooms.

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Iowa Magic Shop is now the only known magic store in Iowa; it is also the office for The Magic of Tim Stolba. We keep regular hours, but are also available by appointment or by chance if needed. ​We are bucking a national trend as we opened this shop. Brick-and-mortar magic stores are closing all over the country and becoming a thing of the past. However they are truly important to the future of magic and magicians. Click below to read why………


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Iowa Magic Shop 4729 Mt. Vernon Road SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

​This is 2.2 miles west of Hwy 13 or .5 miles east of East Post Rd and is located on the south side of the road.

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