ABC Blocks - Parlor Size - USED

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  • Here's a great effect where an object vanishes and reappears somewhere else!

    Three solid wooden blocks are shown to be on a wooden dowel. One at a time, each is removed from the dowel and placed in a top hat or other container for a few moments. They are then returned to the dowel and covered with a tube. Upon removal of the tube, which is shown to be empty, one block has now magically vanished! It is later found back in the top hat.

    This effect generates lots of applause!

    This is a USED items that has been refurbished and touched up by our master craftsman "Mr. Gravity". The cover has decals on three sides

    It stands just over 8" tall and base is about 4.5". This is a nice size for a living room sized show (parlor).


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